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June 24, 2006
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1/640 second
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58 mm
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Apr 5, 2008, 3:18:08 PM


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Angel of Death by xartez Angel of Death by xartez
"In the great book of John - you're warned of the day
When you'll be laid - beneath the cold clay
The Angel of Death - will come from the sky
And claim your poor soul - when the time comes to die."*

* - "The Angel of Death" by Hank Williams, Sr.

other: [link] & [link]
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Hel-of-Helheim Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WARNING IF YOU STOP READING YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT. Hi im Mike. Im 11 years old but im dead now, I had no friends…
If you do not post this to 20 pictures you will die tonight at exactly 11:59pm.
DONT BELIEVE ME? A guy named Jake read this and laughed later that night I took a knife out of his kitchen and stabbed him to death. You dont wanna be Jake do you?
A girl named Sandra read this and only posted it to 10 pictures SILLY GIRL SHES ONLY 11 BUT OH WELL. That day she saw me and ran to her grandmas house…She asked her could she use the bathroom…but guess what I was already there
Shes now in a coma. A smart guy named Phill read this and posted it to 20 pictures because he was scared... The next morning he won the lottery
And his Girlfriend accepted his marrige.
0 pictures-Death
10 pics-Coma
20-Pics somthing good will happen.
SairaCili Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
So.Good.  I think I've fainted. 
uosiek1 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
annaerishkigal Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Hello again ... everyone loves this photograph and I blew it up to poster size.  Got one for you when you check back into Deviant Art.  Just email me, okay?  And I'll send it to you. 
monikasalamon1 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wroclaw, Poland
annaerishkigal Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Hello again...

You might remember last spring I asked if it was okay to use your visually moving Angel of Death photograph for my e-book cover and you said okay. I had to digitally remaster it to get it to work for a book cover, but it's quite stunning. I've bought a few copies print-on-demand paperback and would like to snail-mail you one of them autographed so you can show your friends. Do you have a snail-mail address?

Thanks so much! Anna Erishkigal
MMSmith1777 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Featured here : [link] :blackrose:
maybe-paper-hearts Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Student Photographer
it's in Wrocław :-)
annaerishkigal Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Hello again! I'm kind of new to self-publishing my own e-book on CreateSpace and making a e-book cover using their web page generator, but I researched how much to purchase a non-exclusive royalty-free right to use a photograph such as this (a public statue of an angel) for a commercial purpose on sites such as i-stock photo and they appear to run from 5-12 credits, which translates into a fair market value of $10-$20. Would you consider trading an upgrade on Deviant Art to their premium service in exchange for the right to use your photo on my book cover?

(PS ... you should list your photography in Deviant Art section where you can sell the rights for some of your other works ... they're really good)
annaerishkigal Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
I really love this picture. I've written a book called Angel of Death and am looking for some cover art to incorporate into my blah e-book cover. Would you be willing to give me the right to use your photo? I doubt I'll ever make any money on it (or even break even), but at least I'd have a cover I like (unlike the 'big' publishers). I'd give you whatever attributions you want in the acknowledgements page.
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